today was a good day...

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first, i met up w/ my dad and hung out @ his place for a while, then i went to mobius cycle, my lesbo friend in seattles bike shop and chilled there for awhile. it was awesome....nikki made some references to how she got fired from where i work foir being a dyke years ago, and same from my friends shop, but then got into all these lgbt discrimination stories w/ her and a friend, mo.

mo laughed @ all thew stories they told, then talked to me about my 'persecuted' life, as a small town, straight white male. haha. funny how two ppl who know almost nothing about me can say that shit. i almost came out to nikki tonight though.

anyway, from there, i went to the trails w/ some friends.

int he last two weeks, my balls are back...all that can be said. i have landed two 15-20 foot drops now in the last week, gotten my skills back up to like 15-20 foot gaps, and today, i even hit the 32 foot step-down@ the trails.

im feeling hella good on the bike now...feels great to be back on bike again.

tomorrow i am totally going riding w/ chris, who is also gay, and it should be fun. might stop by mobius and introduce him to nikki, but we'll see.

all i can say is tomorrow should be fun and i am lovin' life!

hows everyone here been?



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you did that on a bike? disturbing. especial since i can barley ride a bike on a smooth, flat, pazed road, with no one else on it lol

if you thinck, what people criticize other on the most, is where there own biggest faults are, so before you complain about other people, thinck"am i struggling in the exact same area?"

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freeriding is awesome. i should send you some links to my team and i dude. got some pro level filming, and on top of that, i am a sponsored racer and freerider for some big companies now...some of whci i guarantte you have heard of ;)

i love to ride bikes, hence the hellonwheels. haha

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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hey man good to hear you had

hey man good to hear you had a good day! riding seems pretty fun, a few of my friends do it but it also seems pretty brutal sometimes lol

have fun with chris. keep us posted!

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yeah, it is awesome...and im sure i will, but chris and i arent llike that dude...hes gay and i am, but hes not really my type and vice versa. lol. hoiws soccer and school going for ya?

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Back in shape on the bike! awesome. sounds like a lot of fun.