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Yesterday I finished my LGBT civics project (didn't have to be about LGBT, just about a Canadian protest. I stand by my choice :)) and I had it sitting on my floor so I'd remember to bring it in to school today. My mom came in to say good night and saw it on the floor. She always wants to know what's going on in my/my brother's lives (in a weird amount of detail) so she got all excited and asked if she could look at it. I said yes (no real choice) even though I didn't really want to. I'm out to her already (I'm of the blabber-on-about-everything variety [I blame her constant questions about everything that happens to me every day] and have trouble keeping stuff like that a secret. So I basically told everyone in large groups and now have it on my fb profile) but she's never been totally comfortable around the topic, you know? She for gay rights and all that but finds it, for lack of a better word, icky.
Next thing I know we're talking about her office's pride day that she's helping organize (she's a government lawyer but has a huge number of Out people working with her [which begs the question: if there are so many Out people in government, why do we still not have equal rights??]) and how she'd LIKE TO GO TO THE PRIDE PARADE WITH ME THIS YEAR (if we're in TO at the time, of course. We often go up to the house she grew up in in the country despite the fact that the rest of us are city people).
I don't really want to go with her (I repeat: she finds it icky, which would make the whole thing awkward as hell. Not to mention that 2 of my best friends are completely pro-gay and would probably have even more fun there than I would [I'm shy, they're not]) but it still made me really happy.


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Awesome, you are going to the parade too!!! You should come to volunteer as well!!!

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ya! I've never been to the

ya! I've never been to the parade before though and I don't even know if I'm gonna be able to work up the nerve to go *blush* stupid shyness *fist shake* but I really want to go :)