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hm...what does the z in zomg stand for anyway? ...

Anywhoo, that's beside the point.

So I had a *total* gay moment on the bus just now. I was chatting with my friend (let's call her K, I'll probably talk more about her here), about, like, nothing, and she was looking past me out the window and then for a moment our eyes met and I was like OMG her eyes are *gorgeous*! Which I have sort of realized before but before it was like, "I wish I had pretty eyes" and this time it was like "I wish I could kiss you". A bit of difference...lol. And then the stupid question intrudes: what if it's just you admiring her? which sounds stupid now but it made me all confuzzled again. Urgh! Why can't I just be bi and get on with it??

And then yesterday I sort of accidentally without thinking about it told another one of my friends, M (by email no less), that I'm bi. And M was cool with it (yay! 3 down, x many to go...) but she asked questions that I wasn't sure how honestly I should answer her cuz I didn't want to weird her out but I wanted her to understand. And then she was like "yeah maybe you should sorta experience it before you decide" which was awkward. So I kinda stumbled over that. But it went okay, she was nice.

But back to K...why can't she freaking be bi and get over the guy she likes and fall in love with *me*?? I know, I know, it's not that simple, but I want someone to, as M said, "experience" with. How will I ever know if I'm one of those freaking 40-year-old virgins? Ahh! I'm being melodramatic right now! Feeling a little schizo between heart and head, sorry...we'll get this straightened out, in the meanwhile I give up.

I sound so angsty...


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I think 'zOMG' was created

I think 'zOMG' was created when someone tried to hit the shift key but missed.
I hope things get better... <33

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I presumed it meant

I presumed it meant zombie...I don't know why.

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xD I think I like the zombie

xD I think I like the zombie theory. I hope everything works out with K.
And trust me, you won't be the 40 year-old virgin, but that movie is hilarious. xD

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Wow. One letter names make

Wow. One letter names make me giggle. Anyway, you should talk to K about it, but coming from my own experience and not just to make you feel better, it probably won't happen. (Although I have had it happen and not happen, so ya never know!) Anyway, I think you should find out who you are yourself before you tell K.

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