As Fortuitous as it Might Seem...

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I wrote that last entry when - Thursday?

Because I think I may have met someone.

There are so many issues that I want to discuss at another time - as in there are so many logical reasons why this might not work out. But I met someone pretty cool over the weekend, and he's pretty into me, and I think I might be pretty into him.

I went to SoundBar - which is the newest, and I think, best gay bar in Lexington - fantastic - with a friend on Friday. I saw Shaun at the end of the bar and pointed him out to my friend (named Sean, actually). He was totally cute, but in a "flowrider thinks he's cute" kinda way. Tall - kinda gawky actually - super skinny - glasses - kinda dorky looking.

Anyway - Sean (my friend - I know this is confusing) wanted to go home early, so I drove him home but wasn't done with the night, and decided to go a different gay bar in town. Alone, watching the drag show, I look to my right, and there was the cute guy that I had pointed out earlier, at the same bar in the same room as me, playing pool all by his lonesome. In completely uncharacteristic boldness, I decided to give him an opponent (he kicked my ass - a real pool shark - seriously).

Anyway - I met him. I went to another bar with him. I went home with him and we DID NOT, btw, have sex. We made out a lot, cuddled. I came back to Lex and then went to a movie with him the next evening :)

I'm going to do pros and cons soon - and they're there. He's pretty cute, and pretty straightforward about the fact that he likes me. There's a serious possibility that this is going to (probably too fast) turn into a relationship. So the pro's and con's are important.

But regardless - spending a weekend with a cute 24 year-old navy vet who thinks I'm adorable was pretty great.