Closet Case wants to go to the Gay Pride Parade

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Ok, so my horrifically long explanation of this situation has just been deleted because my internet loves to fail. Its probably for the best though because its quite simple. Houstons having its huge pride parade on Saturday and I've wanted to go for years, however I have also just got invited to go to Galveston with one of my good friends who is also a girl i've liked for a long time. She goes there a lot so it's not like I wont have other opportunity to go down there. My decisions practically made-go to the parade its only once a year anyway- but I don't want to lie to her about where I am going ( I am not out to anyone but a few friends) and I have a feeling I will freak out about going in the first place now that I have an excuse not to go. I am just not sure if I have the courage to come out to her right now though because I have came out to a few friends recently and they have said they want nothing to do with me.