Coming out

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I'm deciding when to come out. Being me, I'm seeing what schedule to put this on, and how to do it. I wouldn't really care about coming out, its not really a big deal in my life, but I want to be out before college. I mean, I eventually want to date someone. Not being out is kind of detrimental to that. Yeah.

I was thinking about this year, but I'm a little to chickenshit for that, and I'm afraid I'll be way to nervous to try to present myself properly. I don't mean to have any kind of grand dramatic announcement or anything like that, just starting to be honest when people ask me or mentioning it in passing, but I still don't know if I''ll be able to present or defend myself without making a fool of myself. And i want to at least to pretend to be confident when I do this, because I know it will be taken a lot better that way.

There's also the part about who to tell. I mean my friends first, and I know I'll be fine there, but I would like to be open to my teammates after that and that is going to be a bit sketchy.

It's also more complicated because I don't know what exactly to tell them. I can't say I'm gay, because I don't know if I am or not. I know I like girls, but I don't know if I like boys too. And I don't want to rule out the possibility of dating someone I like just because I'm too afraid to try to further explain myself, which I can see myself doing. And saying you're bi has an even worse stigma attached to it than just saying your gay, at least from my experience. So I don't know.

I mean, there's no great rush for me, but I just don't have a simple route to go, which is basically the only thing holding me back. I mean, it's simple on paper "Just Come out" but its a lot more complicated in my head and in person.


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You can say your questioning... that is what you are, right?

Or if you think you like all people you can come out as pansexual, because then it probably sounds like you know what you are talking about.

Just some thoughts....