Dear: To Whom It May Concern

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We have known each other for many years. We've worked together, played together, even loved together. I've scratched your back many a-time and you have, in return, scratched mine back. I've gone to bat for you. I've stood up for you when no one else would. I've been beaten down for the praising words I have said about you, but never once did I back away from my beliefs in you as a person, as a hero I could look up to, as someone who I could rely on to be there for me when the time came. Instead, today, you have shown me that I am nothing more than a speck of dirt. A mere meteor in your solar system. Today You have shown me that when I needed you most, you could not be found.
I stood here today and asked you for help in the battle for same-sex marriage. I did not ask you to fight for the millions of gays, lesbian, bisexuals, transgender, and various questioning people who desire to see the same goal achieved. I asked you to fight for me and me alone. You could not do that. You would not do that. I stand here today and wonder if I as a person matter to you. We are no different when it comes to the nitty gritty. Do we not both bleed red when we are cut? Do we not both desire to feel the warmth of the one we love when we crawl into bed each night after a hard days work? Why then are you able to deny my simple request for help? How can you degrade me to that of a second class citizen without so much as a second thought? Do I truly mean that little to you?
Love is nothing more than a four letter word when friends begin to degrade other friends. Have we lost the love we once held so dear? I do not want you to think of the other millions of people like me who are pushed aside and forgotten like yesterdays news, I want you to think of me. To think of us. To remember what's important. Can we withstand this simple test of our friendship? Will you march into battle as my ally or will we be forced to face each other as enemies? I'd much rather have you as my closest ally than as my worst enemy.
A Friend