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Lately I've been feeling like I'm a girl. Like I should be a girl.

Maybe it's because of my environment, being so effeminate when the only men I see and are around are all manly.

I look down and resent my package, and the fact i don't have boobs.

A don't get it, I'm so confused, I don't like girls, I never have, but as soon as I'm thinking I'm a girl, I want them!?


I don't know what to think any more, and it's not like I can cross-dress for any period of time, just to try it out you know?

What do I do?!


Help me someone. Anyone.

(Links are nice)


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idk about links, but it

idk about links, but it helps if you just think about sexuality and gender as fluid. that's how i get by--i'm still not sure where i fall categorically, so i accept the hypothesis that it's neither constant nor certain. because that's the only way it all makes sense. plus i'm good at repressing bad emotions =\
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