grrrrrrrr ANGER IN MY SOLE!

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and not the one in my i was talkin to my friend on facebook( sorry in rainbows, but im an addict)to my friend, and we were talking bout our biggest turn offs, and im like, oh i hate it when guys wont make eye contact with u, and shes like, oh yeah me to. im really turned off by trans ppl. and im like wat? why? and shes like, well there just ewwy, and cant be happy with who they are. i tried to explain to her the sitation they are in, being born in the wrong gender, but she wouldnt listen. but shes fine with gay/bi ppl. sure im not trans, but i know a ton on oasis who are, who i am friends with! DAMN THE FUCK!


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Aw, I'm sorry. I hate that

Aw, I'm sorry. I hate that Trans people don't get included in the love. It truly makes me sad. I know a fair amount of people that are either trans or don't identify with the gender they were born with and it makes me sad to think that because they aren't gay, they get thrown under the bus.

And I'm a facebook addict too. xD I'm on right now.
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It's also like being both, which with pretty much no matter what you're talking about, people won't understand...

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Ah, shitty. Too bad.

Ah, shitty. Too bad.

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no problemo

no problemo, you prefer facebook >.> amd i dont. lol
ive seen alot of that, people who are ok with gays, but when it comes to trans they're all "but WHY?" "its gross"
>_> gets on my nerves

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So, if it's not the one in your shoe, does that mean you have a fish?

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