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im really off the ball today. for starters, i took a shower. perfectley normal right? wrong. i forgot to remove my boxers before entering. sigh. and also i lost my book. twilight. i just started the thing yesterday, and i already lost it. wtf is with me? so then i figure ill come out and wacth a movie, but i couldnt find the one i wanted. this is going to be a long day....


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ur not alone, i often step

ur not alone, i often step into the shower with my socks still on. which is a really gross senstation...
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I'm gonna be a junior

I posted on the wrong journal! Uhm, if it's any consolation yesterday sucked

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haha. i did almost the same

haha. i did almost the same thing yesterday.
except it was my glasses, and i was wearing a diamond ring.
i didn't realize til halfway through the shower :P

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I know what you mean

I haven't had the shower mishap yet, but I am trying to do a million things to get ready for my California trip Monday morning. I am also fighting off a major bout of depression. These two things do not go well together at all. I am so disorganized I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt.

You'll be okay, kiddo. Just take a breath...oh, and put on some dry undies.



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Oh noes pat! Feel betterz

Oh noes pat! Feel betterz plz =D Watch a squirrel fight a crow, that might cheer you up (my aunt sees it happen outside her kitchen every morning, lol)
I'm screaming on the inside,
but I don't care 'cuz I'm laughing on the outside.

So don't you worry about me, I'll be fine,
as long as I have my music and ryme

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Shower thing kinda funny!

Shower thing kinda funny! But im sorry u lost your book :( Ive never had the shower thing happen to
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I've done that shower thing

I've done that shower thing with my watch.
... That didn't end well.

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I have never done that shower thing, so yeah. But you lost twilight?!?!?!?!? So sad!!!!!! That series is epic-ly amazing!!!!! just don't lose hope when you read eclipse or new moon!!!!! just keep on going 'til breaking dawn, that is at least tied for first place, except the ending's weird!! and when you're done with all of them (or twilight, whichever), on stephenie meyer's website she posted the first 200-or-so pages of Twilight from Edward's point of view!!! it's called midnight sun!!!! here's the url!!!!!!:

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Oh dear. *dies from exposure

Oh dear.
*dies from exposure uber-twilighterness*