House Choir... Outcome

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We won!
Although it's only a school competition, we bet the three other houses! WE WON!

We came last in the house band, but came first in both the house music solo competition and house choir! And that was the choir I was complaining about last night. We weren't the most dancy or prettied up, but we were definitely the most in tune and loudest! Man, I'm so stoked. Totally didn't expect that... and my friend who led the choir with me was freaking out beforehand - and we were all being really cynical... but looks like we were wrong! I dressed up in 60s, with white aviators, loose tie and a crazy wig. To spice things up a bit, I even did some impromptu interpretative dancing on stage in a full town hall. That was very... liberating lol.

Our house was also the loudest with the chants, I really love working the entire house up with chants and mexican waves. Only one other house could compare to us in terms of working the house up. And it's so tribal lol... I absolutely love it! No restraint, no shame, it feels so good to get two hundred people shouting with you. Man, I've completely lost my voice!

It feels absolutely amazing, when all the student leaders were on stage, having the long suspense and announcing we won - we freaking jumped and raved and flung our arms out like crazy lowering our jaws in disbelief and chanted and screamed like crazy, and the whole house exploded in a massive uproar. Our other choir conductor cried lol. It's like she won the frickin emmy's or something!

I'm having doubts whether we deserve winning though. The house music solo competition really carried us through. And all my friends who led the other choirs are all really disappointed, and I expect some to feel unjust or bitter... so tomorrow will be interesting. Damn, that's such a cloud to rain on my parade.

This has been a fabulous week so far. And this is not all there was to it?!


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Your Recognition Is Felt Vicariously

I can only imagine how you and the choir with which you had worked so diligently felt upon receiving this recognition! Awesome!