I'm sad. Again.

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I'm sad. Again. For no particular reason.
I just feel discontent about my parents, my friends, my life, myself.
I got bored. So I asked my mom if she knows what kind of girls that I like.
"Girls? Shouldn't you be liking guys?" She said with a mixed tone of excitment and exasperation.
Why should she sound surprised? After all, this is the Nth time I told her.
She told me not to restrict myself on girls. In denial, I thought. Fine. I said I wasnt, but there's not much hope in me marrying a y chromosome creature. I just had to kill her tiny grain of hope to helplessness =)
I feel disconnection to my best friend. Do guys and girls really communicate that differently? It comes to be a point when I just cant stand him a nanosec anymore. Feel like I've had enough of him. What's wrong with me?
Use to think the stress of school is the cause of all my pain. But here I am, staring at the screen, wondering why I still can't be happy?
Then I realized. I hardly feel connected to people anymore. We talk. But I'm not sure if we are really talking. It feels just as empty as not talking.
Spiritual emptiness.
So I hang up, and resorted to TV. Thanks for the headache it gave me.
Maybe I should get a job. Get a life. Earn some money, maybe then I'll feel better?
People say money can't buy happiness. But it sure can buy Prozac for me.


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right after i came out to myslef, i disconnected with my freinds, but that fixxed itself....in the mean time, yay for crushing parents emoitins! lol

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Yeah! *high 5*
Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.