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and i don't mean in a "she's my friend....and she's a girl" kind of way, although...actually no, i've never had that issue before. i have friends. some are girls, some are guys. pronouns will announce themselves eventually.

i'm really enjoying this very little caffeine thing i'm doing right now. whoo...tangents ahoy.

anyhoo...L. not-my-girlfriend-but-my-girlfriend. so...NMGBMG. yay for no consonants! ever since she got a cell phone we've been texting non-stop. about the most random crap. and we know how to talk to each other, unlike me and Girl, who were still in the awkward phase. and she calls me "hunny" which she's always called me, and "babe" which is a new and somewhat disturbingly exciting development because she's never called me that before. and she outright told me she tells me things she doesn't tell anyone else and we fight like an old married couple and act like we're dating when we're not.

see what i mean? not-my-girlfriend-but-my-girlfriend.

i have this plan where the next time i see her, i'm going to swindle her into kissing me. because she has the sexiest mouth in the world and i've wanted to kiss it for almost four years. also because then i can go the rest of my life knowing i kissed the most beautiful girl i knew. :D

i wish we were dating....i really do.