Let's talk clubs, summertime flings and the question of moving in.

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Sooooooo, onwards and upwards and no apologies for not writing, unless I have fans out there, then I *am* sorry!

Life's relatively good, I'm in my terrific uni city doing summer courses and club promoting. So cut to act 1/advice 1: HOW THE HELL DO I GET MORE PEOPLE INTO THE CLUB?! I haven't been at it very long, and even though I knew it'd be hard, its worse than I thought, bah.

Basically, for *me* to make anything from this job, over 150 people need to go through the door. Not tooo hard, except even in a bustling Canadian city (catch the humour?) like this, you don't have a giant club-going population, and that which you do have is subject to much competition. To be honest, it's not even the 150 number I need, it's bar SALES, since I get a % of those, but only after $1000 has been spent . I've tried all sorts of things to get 20something year olds roaring in, and I'm not doing a bad job, but I really need a new angle or something. So much of promoting is word of mouth, and I've done that and will keep it up, but being here for summer class also means being here when my army of regular friends is absent, and my army of PEERS is gone too! It'd be way easy to advertise at the uni when it's really, truly in session, but as it stands, I'm hitting up stores and street corners - yay for being prostituted.

Anyway, if someone out there has a suggestion, please lend it to me - and Facebook is well and good, but its the same problem with only having the people IN the city to invite, and I can't expect those friends/acquaintances out there every night. Otherwise, I can throw my own event and make BIG money, wherein I get way bigger profits off lower selling points, but for that I need a sick theme and again, a way to get people coming and staying.

It's pretty cool to be able to call oneself a club promoter though haha, and realistically that may as well be what I'm doing it for (a.k.a. 'the experience').

So, que #2 : SUMMERTIME FLING! So my last entry's LD wannabe relationship boy is still LD and not a relationship, but he will come visit in a few months, however, I don't really care =) That's because I've got a boooooooyfriend now! Problemo is, it is, sadly, really, truly, miserably, excitably... just for the summer. He doesn't live in Canada and he doesn't live NEAR Canada, and it wouldn't be fair to either of us to do a LD thing IMO, although we'll see how I feel over more time. A dab more info too - he already said he loves me! We've only known each other a few weeks, BUT the time spent has been double to 3x what I'd normally spend with a guy, since none of my good friends are here and I don't have THAT much to do. So we wound up spending, oh, 30something hours together entirely, which I've never done with anyone but maybe family as an infant. It was also really TOGETHER, because all we did separately was actually go to the washroom! And even then, hello fun showers. Its pretty intense for what it seems to be, I think I know to be cautious though, and I am trying to hold back getting too attached, but I'm finding it difficult to wrap my head around the emotions since he's absolutely wonderful and I love spending time with him, he genuinely seems to love me, and in contrast - it'll be gone in 2 months.

Ok, so the last part isn't necessarily correct, but with the great time we've spent, I also realize how PERFECT it is right now for me to establish a long-term relationship. With someone who LIVES here year-round, that is. Or at least someone I'd have more than 6 months type of thing. I don't want to throw away this boy and I won't be, but the intellectual in me keeps it clear that I could hook up with someone random, do some start-up dating and spend long amounts of time bonding to yield a similar result as with this boy I'm with now. And I don't even mean that to sound shallow, as much as it is, it's just that I really think it'd work out like that, and a few friends have warned me about how I might wind up heartbroken and clearly so would this guy. But another superficial attraction of course is that it's a fling and I've never had one and wouldn't be one to, but it almost seems like something to do ONCE, and well, who's to say we wouldn't meet again and it be worth it all?

Oh, and the *financial* side of me says that it's silly to be investing gobs of money as I am now (he's not being too stingy either - although we're not buying presents or anything, it's just datingdatingdating ala coffee, dinner, club, movie, pastries etc.) with someone who will be gone so soon. Ugh, my world.

So that #2 ties right into #3 - the question of moving in. My boy hasn't brought it up, but the combo of my intellect+financials has made me wonder if his moving in to my apartment (which has the space, and he's slept over for days at a time now) wouldn't be a nice idea. It's good since a) he saves $450+/month, b) we see each other more often, c) we save money just cooking dinner together instead of GOING OUT for it, d) it seems logical for some reason.

It's bad though since a) he could turn to just using me for stuff somehow (woo, free apartment?) b) we could work out badly in the living situation and break apart c) we could both get really distracted from work/school. The actuality of the situation is this in truth though: he needs a better excuse to stay the next two months, since he may be done what he's been doing and if that's the case, he has to find a job, which will definitely pay poorly, and that'd mean his parents wanting him to fly back home, alas. Him not having to pay for rent (or lying it out and saying he's making more than he is at a better job than he's at) would mean he'd probably stay.

So yikes. It's not cut and dry, and he might keep doing what he's been doing and be sure to stay anyway, but even if so - would it be so dicey to have him move in? Or, if he's liable to leave, should I let it be and not put myself out, not get closer to falling in love, and put myself back out there for finding a city-dweller who can be with me for a long time to come?

I want to go with the formerish idea of a move-in, but it's like wtf do I DO once he's gone, and what will my memories all be then? A summer spent in this great city, all tangled up with this boy and nothing but? I know it won't be THAT, but it's already seemingly BECOME that - every cultural bit of anything, every good event, everything fun seems to have been with him since I've come back here and it's great, and not like I have many friends here as said to hang with anyway, but ahhhhhh.

So there I am, in boyland and confusedland. And my summer course for this month SUCKS, and my university makes me want to kill someone since it overcharged me hundreds of dollars and I may never get them back and voila, do I lie to my parents about an error I made and probably seriously lose all/almost all of my spending money for the year or my phone or something, or do I get dicey with that? Hmm.

Advise away lovelies and thanks for reading, if you have q's, I can take 'em too.


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I think Clubs are all about

I think Clubs are all about their fame. Most people will always try to go to the place that's in and cool at the moment. Make viral publicity or something. Another option is to attract a smaller but wealthier niche- high cover prices for everyone entering, a great ambient, and a minimum amount of money to be spent once inside. Oh, and mean bouncers, of course.

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I agree on fame, the problem is the competition factor and escalating the fame - viral publicity works but the same problem lies in wtf to do that's relatively inexpensive and not bordering on illegal/city turf. I wanted to go wealthy haha, but right now the owner wants it cover-free to get more summer walk-ins, which makes sense. The venue is also quite different from an outright DANCE club, and while it's got a decent dance floor and DJs and the rest, it fits the niche of lounge-bar-club, so it's a matter of multi-catering in some ways.

For my own events though, I could try to snag more upperclassers... but then how am I pulling them in? Even if I hand a flyer to them myself on the street and beam into their face (unlikely enough as is), they'd probably go somewhere more regular and amping up prices can = death. Still, worth a shot at least once, so for you, and for the original concept of snagging those with heftier disposable incomes, a Rich Kids event it shall be at some point.

You're Amazing.

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Hmm... how to attract people

Hmm... how to attract people in... I usually go to a place either because I know it (I have 2 lounges and 1 club where I'm kind of a 'regular'), or because there's a cool DJ or something special. Let's say that making an event, and getting a word-of-mouth scheme going is great. Perhaps pay some dollars to some guys- nothing much- just to tell their friends that they went to your club and that it was great. You know, as a rather frequent clubber, I never go anywhere without someone telling me it's a cool place before.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens