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Okay, here's the deal: I just joined Facebook, and I'm wondering what the hell there is to do. Obviously a lot, but I mean LGBt-wise. What is some good ol' queer stuff to do? On the facebook/myspace-orientation forum, I know someone put something about an application that gives you more sexual orientation options, so yeah, what/where is that? Are there any good groups or causes? What else? Besides the oasis groups :)

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At a certain point, the goal is to log off and do LGBT things OFFline. :-)

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Nicely said :)

Nicely said :)

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Heh. Well, if you want to be

Heh. Well, if you want to be as gay as possible on FB, a good place to start would be changing your "interested in" to the appropriate queer option. If you'd like to go the "politically correct"/"complex identity" route, you could get the SGO (sex gender orientation) app, the one I mentioned, that gives you a couple zillion options for expressing your identity, and if you want to be an "angry gay," you can go ahead and boycott Facebook's "sex" field until they make it into a "gender" field and give you a fill-in. Ahem. But yeah, do whatever you need to to express your label preferences... then besides the doing-things-offline thing that Jeff mentioned, and besides just having uncensored discussions about gay things with your friends or gay-related status messages... there are a bunch of queer FB groups ("Gay is not a synonym for stupid," "Legalize gay marriage," etc. etc., and there are bunch of "How gay are you?" quizzes. Actually, most of the quizzes are hilariously offensive, but my friends and I do them anyway for laughs. But yeah... honestly, just do whatever you want to do--if you're the right kind of queer, the queer stuff will fall naturally in there when you find yourself joining "Adam and Steve" and every single related group on the sidebar. Cheers!

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Thanks GayNow!!!! Yeah, I

Thanks GayNow!!!! Yeah, I shall do that :)