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I got this book today from the library called Fire Logic by Laurie J Marks has anyone read it? It's a fantasy novel and I've heard it's good and has some lesbian content/romance in, not that EVERYTHING I watch or read has to be gay...but yeah, the only things I want to take the time to read right now are gay romances. Because, well, I still don't have that in my life and I'm a romantic, okay? Ha. Anyways that girl at school is still, cute. And nice. But even if I thought she was remotely interested in me, I wouldn't want to screw up her life just for a fling or whatever just because I need some affection - physical or otherwise. Anyways, she's too nice for me to want anything more than her friendship. That being said, if she kissed me I wouldn't push her off ;) I need some help...

I did a placement at a grooming salon the other day it was a lot of fun they let me do a lot too. I got to wash the dogs and dry them and brush and fluff them up so they look all pretty for their mommies and daddies. I've been contacting some groomers by e-mail/phone and that because our teacher wants us to really research the career(s) that we are thinking about going into so I've been sending them questions and they are all really nice and enthusiastic. It's really quite wonderful. I was dreading these interview thingys and placement but it's been informative.....go figure! Now my only wish is that I could get a job as a bather in a grooming shop for the summer so I could get a total feel for the job and see if I can really put up with the physicality of it all. Because that's what sorta worries me about that job is that it's so physically demanding that I won't be able to do it...or I'll burn out eventually. Plus I could really use the money to buy the supplies, clothes, and maybe a computer/laptop for school in September. I could really use a new computer with the Microsoft Word on it. I guess we'll see.

I feel bad that I haven't had the energy or time to get on here or anywhere to write back to anybody lately. I'm all over the place in my mind and we have this BIG final report due in a week., yeah, my mind's just got so much going on. I have to go to bed now or else I'm gonna be soooooo mad at myself tomorrow for not getting enough sleep so....

I hope everybody's having fun and enjoying the summer weather it's almost Friday! 1 hour and 14 minutes to go!!!!! Yay!!!


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ah! I remember your journals

ah! I remember your journals about a cute girl in one of your classes a loooong time ago..same girl? wow. :) friendship's always good still.
the dog grooming sounds exciting. Man, I can see how it would be physcially demanding..all those wiry doggies running around! sounds fun, really. hopefully you won't get burned out and I hope that when you do land a job as a bather over the summer, that it's a good experience and stuff. it is friday!! woo! :D

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Oh, yes. THE very same girl.

Oh, yes. THE very same girl. She's from Guatemala(sp?), she's got an accent, and she's like the nicest person I've ever met XD

And thank you so much, you're so sweet :) :) :)