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So I'm on my vegetarian diet. I don't call myself a vegetarian at this point because I only do it periodically. It's not like a political statement for me. It's just me trying to be healthy and lose weight.

I've been biking a lot lately. I really wanna go on a bike trip and go massive amounts of biking for a couple weeks. I don't know if I can get off work, though. I love camping.

So I started tutoring kind of last week. The girl didn't show up, though. So it's not like it really counts. We rescheduled for next friday. We'll see if she shows.

So I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm thinking I'm not really transgendered. I've always liked my name, Elise. It's a very girly name but it works for me. I don't mind that I have girl parts. I also don't mind being considered female. The other day I was kind of offended when this guy called me sir. I'm sorry, but just because I have short hair doesn't make me a boy. I just think I'm a very butch lesbian. I wanna get a dyke spike and dye my hair platinum blonde. That would be soo cool.

Apparently a lesbian bathing suit is just a pair of shirts and a tank top. Who knew? I love my lesbian friend S. She has so much info that I didn't know.

So I've been thinking about leaving you all. I feel like I've gotten through a lot of issues and that I need to move on. I don't write on here too much, but I'll prolly write periodically. Just not that often.

I'm in the facebook group if you wanna friend me. I'm all for it.

All right.

Peace, ya'll.