Model United Nations

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Our team won the Model United Nations of Auckland 2009!

I'm so happy and proud of myself. People stood up and applauded because every single speech we did was hilarious. And it wasn't just hilarious, it was witty humour, good delivery and excellent acting. And I wrote them all and delivered most of them, half of them written like 20 minutes before speaking lol. And we roleplayed really well as well. I really need to work on my Mexican accent though, it kept switching from Indian to Mexican - but New Zealanders don't know any better lol.

There were over 100 teams, so at least 300 people. Half of them weren't very flattering though, and most of them weren't funny at all (most were solely informative). But each time after we spoke people passed all these notes to us, saying how amazing we were. One of them even said "Our GDP is *insert phone number*".

It sounds so vain, but it was just so epic. I think I deserve to be proud of myself. I loved it.


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i think you deserve to be proud of yourself too. =)
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Yes, You Do...

...And we loved the fact that you loved it! Isn't it great to feel good about oneself?

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grats! that sound really

grats! that sound really cool =D
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