moral issues?

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so here the issue. my friend has a bf, but she is going to brake up with him just cause another guy asked her out, and shes only been going out with this guuy(lets call him.....fernando) so shes going to levea fernando just cause(lets call him....frodo!) frodo asked her out, and she likes frodo more. but i think that she just totally shouldnt have asked fernando out if she knew there were other guys she liked more. and she says its alright to brake up with fernando, because she wont see him as often as she will frodo. i just personally think its rather selffish


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i knw

i know a girl like that...actually i dated a girl like that. and i actually do think it is kind of selfish, but also like she cant make up her mind.
what are the chances of her going out with a different guy in, say a week or so?

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Unquestionably selfish, but

Unquestionably selfish, but typical of teen romance. Just watch The Brady Bunch. Unless she's asking for advice, then it's not your worry. Actually, even if she asks you for advice, I'd decline and offer support instead. There's no quicker way to lose a friend than to get between them and their significant other(s).


- Pat Nelson Childs
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Pat's right...

I think your friend is being too cavalier with her relationships, but you could easily get yourself into trouble with her if you take a stand on it.

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Not your trouble...

That is what teenagers do... deal with it... if you have a problem, just make sure to be better than that yourself. it is all you can do, and all you should do.


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Hence my earlier Brady Bunch

Hence my earlier Brady Bunch reference. It hasn't changed a whole lot since then, and being straight or gay has no effect on it whatsoever.

If you want a bit more technical explanation, it all has to do with adolescent brain development, and the influence of that on their psychosocial behavior; specifically, the ability to produce and act on feelings of empathy, which determine whether or not they are developmentally capable of putting the needs and feelings of another over their own in direct conflict with their own desire for immediate gratification.

There, now you all got that, right? There'll be a test next Tuesday.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"