my god, its faggots!

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no, no, no! not mine, i didnt write a word of wat used to be here!


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Yup. Oasismag, that's how we

Yup. Oasismag, that's how we get to them straight people.

Ten times more potent than camping in the mountains and trying a green tea frappucino with extra double whipped cream.

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Alter Ego?

One of your more creative posts. Eloquently cryptic. Uncertain's comment added a tasty dessert.

But more seriously, I don't believe it is possible to turn anyone gay. Being gay just is. Thankfully, the larger society is beginning (admittedly quite begrudgingly) to acknowledge this as fact.

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what was

what was there?
Hey you! I gotta tell you my long time friend.
I think of all those years you saw me through tears, and the good times that we spend.
Hey you! You're my constant companion.
You always let me explain just what I'm sayin'