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So yeah. I went to the Gay Pride Parade at the capitol. the whole parade was really fun. I walked in the religious contingent, with other memebers of my church (including my mom), and I got invited to a methodist youth reconciling (protestant code for gay) camp-conference thingy (not really sure) in Colorado. Epic! And there were more spectators this year, which was good, but still not nearly enough. I think the highlight has to be with the anti-gay protesters. Sounds weird, yes I know, but stay with me. The protesters use the same signs year after year, apparently (I've only ever gone once before), and they use these really big, yellow banners made of tarp-like material that takes two people to hoist. But this year, there were a TON of counter-protesters, many more than the protesters, and these nice queer women had made a seperate banner, made of out of a cloth sheet (I just love how the lesbians had the normal, clean cloth, and the anti-gays had the processed plastic), and it was slightly larger than the anti-gay sign. It said "All Are Equal." And, of course, they put it right in front of the "Re-criminalize Homosexuality" banner. Afterwards, there was a festival. At the "festival" (mostly just businesses, with a few organizations) afterwards, they had advertised a youth section (seperate from kid zone), but they didn't have it! Bastards. But It was fun :)


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That's awesome!

The parade sounds really awesome! Makes me have something to look forward to for mine this weekend =) Yeah for queer women and anti-gay protesters!

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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maybe next year

...there will be protesters to protest the people protesting the anti-gay protesters... and on and on.
I think anti-gay protesters pretty much send people away from their cause with calls to "re-criminalize." Idiots.

It sounds amazing.

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I saw a sign once (i think

I saw a sign once (i think it was online) and it said Homosexuals Are Gay. Meaning it in a derogatory way but all i could think was NO SHIT! It made me laugh. Lol.

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Yeah, no shit :) Yeah,

Yeah, no shit :) Yeah, Merric, more and more people don't want that angry rhetoric anymore. Thank god. But there's still so many... yeah, it was fun.

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As I have said for years,

As I have said for years, the best way to turn the tide is to expose people to the 'ordinariness' of being gay. Once they realize that we're not all freakish pedophiles and prison matrons (with all due respect to Chicago), most average, everyday people will eventually come to recognize how ridiculous the bigots and haters are.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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