Parents that take your money

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I'm so sick of this. I'm ready to leave, I really REALLY don't want to live here anymore. I'd much rather just live on my own, which I know would be harder, but being in this environment isn't doing me ANY good. I'm crying out of frustration right now...I'm just so sick of the ignorance in this house. Who the fuck buys a $25 bottle of booze when all you have is $30 for the next 5 days and you need fucking groceries?! Like wtf? I'm so sick of his ignorance. And what about me and my mom, you know we might have needed some, you know, food to eat. AND that money was MY money from the school to pay me back for the money I spent on transportation to get there the past fucking 2 weeks.

I got the check on Friday and then yesterday I was looking forward to going with my mom to the store to get some buns and meat (This is sad when what would be a normal everyday food becomes like a special food that you can only afford once or twice a week) and some chips and she could buy whatever groceries she needed. But then I wake up around 11am on Saturday and me and my mom head out and THEN she tells me I need to take out the $10 I have left in the bank because, my dad spent the money I gave them the day before on a bottle of booze, oh and here comes the best part, his reason for spending what little we have : because he's gone a whole 2 weeks without any, oh right so he totally deserved it, poor him for going without. FIRST of FUCKING all he did NOT go without. Wednesday this week my sister came by and he persuaded her to go out and buy a case of beer because she was looking for she bought a case of 24 and had a few before she left and he had the REST!!! AND I'm pretty sure he had a bottle of liquor at some point the week before, I'm quite certain...he never goes without. And his new friend, whom my mom doesn't trust or like, gave him a cooler or some shit as well this week.

So don't fucking cry me a river about how you go without...this is what happens when you don't have a job, you have very little money and you have to go without the "extras", I know that why the fuck don't you? I mean really, you're the adult, why don't you go try and get a job instead of putting it off? Why are you depending on other people and why in the hell are you taking my money that I get from the school? You should know that I'm not gonna put up with it for much longer...I'm getting to the end of my rope. And if I'm going to be going to school in September for at least 6 months I'm sure as hell ain't putting up with you taking the money I get from the school. Or taking any of money at all.

Just piss off, please.

Oh, and here's something else in the same realm that's stressing me out. My sister is doing my income tax forms so I can get the GST credit because I've never done them before. So, I should have a pretty nice sum of money coming some time in the summer, which I really need for new clothes(I need clothes period), shoes, school supplies for next year, and if I get enough I really need a new computer tower and the office programs. So, basically I should be getting hundreds of dollars and I'm afraid that he'll just take it bit by bit, you know, cry poor and I'll be forced to give him some of my money and it'll all go to waste on his addictions and his lazyness. I really don't want to see that happen seeing as it's MY money and I really do need it for school and everything. I'm so sick of living under the stress that any money I make I won't be able to use for myself...or if I want to spend it on myself I have to spend it all right away before he can get his hands on it.

And if you're thinking "oh, you can just tell him no he can't have any money" Pfft yeah right do you know how much trouble that would cause? He'd call me names and tell me how I'm so ungrateful because they let me live here and never charged me rent or never made me go get a job...and bring up all this old crap. Which is true that they let me live here rent free and never forced me to get a job, but I think I've been a pretty good kid over the years and never caused any major trouble for them and they've taken so much money from me it's unfair. Just one example : My grandfather left me $3,000 when he died, this was somewhere around when I was in grade 9. I got to spend around $200 of it on a new bike and I got a pair of shoes....the rest of it they spent. Fair? No, and they never told me they spent it but I've always known it, I'm not stupid, never was...but what the hell am I gonna do as a kid? You know? And I never bring these things up, never, I'm not out to be an asshole who brings up things that happened years ago. But when they are happening again and again, and you're older and you need to look out for yourself because this is the beginning of my future, I've gotta make a life for myself. I don't want to struggle with money the way that they always have. And they didn't struggle because they didn't make enough money, they mostly struggled because of bad choices (loans, credit cards, new van, addictions, overspending, ect.). I don't want that. I wish that he'd just get his act together and get a steady job or something because I'm getting really sick of paying for his choices, mistakes, and addictions. REALLY sick.

If you read this thanks :) It felt so amazingly good to get this stuff off my chest. I'm no longer crying and although I'm still pissed off and upset I feel like I have some choices to make to get myself out of this situation. I refuse to let him take anymore of the money I deserve to have.



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i hope

i hope you feel better, and he has no right to just your money away from you. and i agree you should try to get a place of your own.
Good luck Ash :]

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Thanks a lot :)

And just going to your profile made me giggle (in a good way) with all the Pikachus, dinosaur, and bugs, and everything sorta put a smile on my face. Thanks :) It's nice to be taken away from everything even if it's just for moment.

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well see

well see thats kinda my job type thingy (if you could call it that). im glad it took you away from everything for a little bit. :]

"he who laughs last didnt get it, but he who laughs first has the dirtiest mind."

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Thanks :)

Once upon a time I ripped the wings from my spine
But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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Can't you do something like

Can't you do something like keeping the money secret? You know... get a passport, use the passport number to open an account (big banks tend to me more lax with passports, they might even let you get a name-less account). They can't trace the account unless they're like the government (or spies, or hackers), and if you don't tell them you have the money, and they can't find any accounts in your estate, then they can't take the money.

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I agree with 5thstory...hide

I agree with 5thstory...hide the money.

Hang in there. You'll get through it, and then you can move out and not have to worry about the shit you're going through.

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Thanks and

Yep, that's sort of the plan. I'm gonna try and keep it a secret for as long as I can because the money should be deposited directly to my bank account. But the thing is eventually I'm going to need to spend a lot of the money on clothes and stuff so they're gonna know I received the money because I'm not getting any money any other way right then it's gonna start you know? I'm so stressed because it should be a pretty big sum of money that I should be getting....I don't want to see it all go to waste.

Thanks for the ideas 5thstory:)

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Can you open a separate bank

Can you open a separate bank account and not tell them about it? Then you could split your money between the two accounts... it would limit the amount he can leach away from you, anyway.

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I'm not sure if I can get another account, I just got this one a month ago. But that's definitely a great idea. I'm gonna have to see about doing that.

Thanks for the suggestion :]

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But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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Or if they really need

Or if they really need grocery money and you don't want them to spend a cent on liquor you can always try to buy some Sodexho/Sodexo passes with restrictions. You know? Like you get a $10 voucher that works just as nicely as cash, except that if the voucher says 'no liquor' they can't get booze.

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those were really good ideas. :D

"he who laughs last didnt get it, but he who laughs first has the dirtiest mind."

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That's a good idea but...

that would only piss him off.

But thanks, I really appreciate the ideas :]

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so leave. the way you're

so leave. the way you're putting it, it seems like you no loyalty to them. if you can't find a place, homeless shelters are pretty accommodating until you save up enough, or if you have a friend looking for a place too, split rent with them.

file for legal emancipation if you're underage or just leave.

there's always a solution.

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I care about my parents, I really do. And he really is a good person but now when it comes to money and his booze. I think he's got an addiction that he isn't willing to give up or he just doesn't realize he has one at all.

I'm not sure if I could leave my mom behind to deal with it all by herself...I'm quite certain I couldn't...I can only imagine the fights they'd have if I left.

It's cooled down for now but if things get worse leaving will most definitely be an option. Thanks for the suggestions :)

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But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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Well, having never been in

Well, having never been in this situation, I don't feel like I can really say anything. But I can say one thing: you can't live like this. You are too smart, and have too many things going for you, to be living with people that are just going to keep on siphoning money and energy off of you. Make a clean break, or I don't think it will ever end.

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You're sweet...

and I know you're right, I just feel kinda stuck right now. But I'm not going to take it much longer. He's not taking every penny I have, be assured. It's too frustrating watching him drink away without a care for what anyone else is going without.

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But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly~

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zehrs and food basics stores

zehrs and food basics stores have gift cards and i know you cant buy smokes with them i am not sure about booze look into it
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Wow. Thats aweful. Maybe you

Wow. Thats aweful. Maybe you could tell him that you want to go to an AA meeting and drag him along.