Pizza and my crush - she's slowly killing me

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I spent at least 2 hours alone, in class, with my classroom crush today...

except we were doing school work...but still she came over to me to show me something on the computer. It was like THE worst thing ever because she was like leaning over me to reach my keyboard and it was like the biggest tease. It's like..ugh..I don't know. Sometimes I just wish that I could knock these thoughts out of my head. You know? Cause she's just soooooo nice and she's got a husband (whom I've met, he seems nice) and kids (One of which I met today) god was that awkward, it's like "hey kiddo I have a crush on your mommy" (at least that's what was going through my mind at the time, lol). Anyways they all seem so happy together...and she's so friggin nice and sweet it's unbelievable. Anyways....

I think it was actually worse when we were walking down the halls together and she was next to me and she's making conversation and I'ma smiling away cause she sorta does that to me plus I laugh a lot so I was doing that too. Anyways I don't know she just makes me want to hold her hand and hug her and stuff when we're walking together. You know?

I need a girlfriend....or maybe just some pizza, I'm not sure :P

I think I'm starving for affection. It's like I can get by and I do but sometimes when I'm in these particular moments it's like I realize what I don't have and I realize I miss it and I need it.

Anyways tomorrow's my last day of my college program...

and we're getting an awesome free pizza lunch! Woot!


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mm I'm craving cheeeeese

mm I'm craving cheeeeese pizza now... :)

mann. I got all smiley just reading how you feel about her!
and from Guatemala...that's awesome!
I felt the same way about my Spanish teacher,, oh myy..whenever I'd stay after cuz she wanted to show me some youtube videos or help with recycling. we sat pretty close and her kids were like in the classroom watching cartoons and it was so awkward ..cuz one of my fantasies is like that..but things get steamy lol and her kids are definitely NOT in the classroom >.< that was sort of embarrassing lol
At least your crush is a good friend and all..
she does sound very sweet. glad you're enjoy it :)