Pride weekend

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So, I'm going to pride with my ex gf. Thoughts about this? I mean there is no way we are getting back together. I just think that it is kind of weird that we are going together even though it was my idea. So... I guess really I shouldn't say anything. My friend was supposed to go, but then she backed out because I think it wouldn't be that bad if she went with us. But then again, my friend doesn't like her. So... I'm fucked either way. And it's not like we won't have a good time. I hope I find someone new. I'm def over her so we can hang out and shit. I'm at her house right now actually. It's just that when she talks about her bf that I get almost a little jealous, well. Fuck, I do because of the way she talks about him and she never talked about me that way. I would know we have mutual friends. Gosh. I feel so lame.

I get my new glasses tomorrow though. And I'm going to go water skiing for the first time. And then sunday is pride. So we'll see.


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have fun

Have fun at pride!!!! I hope it's not too awkward. Im going to pride too.... by myself because all of my friends are away lol. You have to admit that's a little worse.

Anyways this is kinda random, but what does your icon symbol mean? I just got a patch with that exact same thing on it.

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I guess that is a little

I guess that is a little worse, but i still think not being able to go at all would be... worst. Have fun at pride.
And my icon is om, it's a symbol for peace and I find it to be aesthetically pleasing.
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Well shes taken and your over her so I don't see the problem, I think what you should be focusing on now is having fun at pride. Because if you don't everything else will suck. And as far as feeling jealous, well thats only natural I assume just don't let it drive you Moulin Rouge XD as long as you know you don't kiss her then neither of you have a problem right?
Hope you have fun at pride!
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