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I have some serious sleep issues, I think. I took an Ambien last night [which knocks my aunt, uncle, and cousins out in ten minutes flat] and it still took me over an hour to fall asleep....

I dunno.

It's pissing me off though, 'cause I'm really exhausted.

Keep having dreams about my friend Joe in Cali.

Well... not really about him, he just keeps showing up.

Like the whole thing about my friend Nick. After I moved, he would make an appearance in my dream every night until like, February or March I think. And we moved here June 2008. :/

Sometimes it was just a cameo appearance, but I still always noticed him.

And speaking of moving, we're moving on Thursday...

Man, the last day of school sucked because I know when I said 'goodbye' to everyone, it'd be forever. I like these people, bu I don't think my heart finds them important enough to keep in touch. I haven't talked to anyone since school ended already, so I doubt I'll still be in contact a year from now.

It's a shame, but whatever...