so shoping and dreams,does that equal therapy?

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So today was good, I went downtown and bought a wig that I am excited about and I got to go to my favorite store of all time. It is an occult shop I guess you'd say because they have Wiccan things like tarot decks and robes and spell books. But they also have stones, jewlery and Buddist and Christian and a whole ton of other symbols of religion. Its a tiny crowed places that smells of incence-but not enough to make me sick-and one of the only places I feel that no stress can come to me. I love it there.

Also I have been having dreams about my friend L and how I'm supposidly dating her. Which really doesn't make scence because I DON'T like her like that and I'm friends with her girlfriend. I mean really as much as I love her-as a friend-shes also totally effed up. I mean shes into all sorts of scary drugs and drinking, shes been in the mental hospital a few times and have tried to kill herself countless times. But after all the stuff I saw her do to a friend of mine I could never go there. But before school ended I started thinking eh I guess she can be kind of attractive but now I'm having dreams that I am hanging out with her and shes hitting on me, I mean what the hell? I could never see her anyway because after an incident involving the girlfriend she wasn't suppost to be seeing-VERY homophobic-her mother now hates me and I would never be allowed to see her outside of school. So I don't understand why I am seeing her at school and shes hitting on me and telling me she broke up with her girlfriend, or that I am hang out at her house and shes flirting. I don't understand.
Anyone want to guess?