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im kind of in a dilemna right now...

i have told a friend i would possibly go tot the PRIDE this year w/ him, and see mroe of the seattle LGBT commnity...or so i thoguht.

i jsut realized seattels pride interferes w. a HUGE bike race i am planning on doing @ the end of the month!

fuck my life!

which should i do? i wanna race mt hood and the super-d in hood river, but ive never been to pride, its interesting, and i would save a ton of time and $$$ since i'd stay in seattle! fuck! what do you guys think i should do?

go and hang out w/ friends and expand my mind a little, or head down to portland and RIDE!!!

carlea, maybe some help here? BULL? i need ur thoughts ppl!


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wow that sucks when two

wow that sucks when two really cool things are scheduled on the same day. If I were you I'd go to Pride because it sounds better ..but you like mountain biking, and if the race is realllyyy important to you, go to that. but saving money and time is always great and you'd probably have a blast at Pride with your friends. I vote: go to Pride :)

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I vote pride.

Biking is cool and all, but spending time with true friends and expanding your knowledge of our oh-so-diverse LGBT community can be a major blast as well. Anyway, it's your choice, so choose what you feel you'll like more, or whatever tickles your fancy (I think that's the saying)

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for sure.