Stupid, stupid mother. [petty rant]

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My mother is the most ridiculous, immature, and controlling person I've ever met in my life. She only really got this way in the past five years or so. I'm afraid of her because I don't like angry people, and she gives off this constantly angry vibe that just freaks me out. Our personalities clash SO badly it's insane. I can barely stand her these days. Some days she'll treat me like I'm five, and some days she'll treat me as her "equal."

She gets in the way a LOT. Take today for instance. Today, I sat in my room, halfway content with video games and storywriting. My room was indeed a little messy, but that's how it always is. I'm not a very organized person. It wasn't like a junkyard or anything, though. Anyway, she comes in and starts going through EVERYTHING. WTH? She makes me so nervous when she does that. I don't have anything illegal or bad in my room, but it makes me feel so violated when she does that shit. :| The papers and stuff on my desk are none of her business. That bag of clothes I was going to take to my grandparents' house is also none of her business. My guitars are also none of her business, and I do NOT want her touching those, even though they aren't necessarily "good" and expensive guitars. She took both of them out of their stand when I wasn't even in the room! She could've broken them, especially the cheap, secondhand one that isn't completely fixed yet!

I don't understand why she should care how my room is organized. No one is making her come in it. No one ever comes in it except for me. Maybe I like my things the way they are. I don't tell her how to fix the rest of the house!

It's not just this. She does all sorts of stupid shit, and she tries to justify it by saying that because she's 40, she can do whatever she wants, everyone has to follow her orders, and no one EVER has the right to question her ESPECIALLY not me because I am just a stupid little kid. Well, if we're gonna play the age card... my dad's 41. What does that make him?

She acts like a spoiled, bossy four year old. Everything just HAS to be her way, and if it's not she either screams, slaps me in the face, or plays the poor, pitiful victim card. I'm sick to death of her. I can't live with someone who acts like this. ._.


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*Hugs* I have a shitty mom,

*Hugs* I have a shitty mom, too. Maybe if you have a library close to your house you can walk/bike there and do your reading/writing there? I do that sometimes. But things will get better a) when you/your friends get cars and you can be out of the house more and b) when you go away to college. Hang tight.

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