Teen gay/lesbian/bi movies

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Hey, so I read somebody's post about a lesbian coming-of-age movie, don't remember what the title was but it was all the swimmers and all of the responses said it was a crappy movie. Well, anywhoo, I was wondering what *good* lesbian/bi coming-of-age sorts of movies anyone knows about. And since we're not sexist here go ahead and post names of gay ones too for other peeps. =) Not sure how I'm gonna see one without uncomfortable questions from the 'rents, but knowing what to look for is the first step no?

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welllll... i've seen a

welllll... i've seen a shitload of les/bi movies. not all of them are coming-of-age
most of 'em are romantic comedy types. and most have sex/love scenes.
-the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love
-but i'm a cheerleader...
-lost & delirious
-show me love
-imagine me & you
-fried green tomatoes
-prey for rock and roll
-loving annabelle (even though i didn't like the movie...)
-itty bitty titty committee (same woman who directed [?] but i'm a cheerleader...)

so, i like movies... as you can see.. and i've seen more, i'm just super tired. i might update this or something after i've had adequate rest :P

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Some movies

Fried green tomatoes is a good movie...not gay teen but a good movie. Beautiful Thing" is a great gay teen love story. "Trick" is a gay teen movie.
"L Word" is a good tv series.
A good web site to down load them for free is
This site is all in Portugues ( many movies are in english) but you can usually make out what the movies are about. You should also get rapid share as it down loads faster and more than one at a time.
Another site is :
Lots of Lez movies on here for you to choose from. ( cut and paste these)
Good luck

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For an Excellent Low-Budget First Movie...

I'd still urge you to view The Conrad Boys.


This shows good writing and acting, but doesn't begin to approach the rawness of QAF.

Justin Lo is fantastic... but what's happened to him since this apparently one-off achievement?

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I didn't like The Conrad Boys that much. The script may be good, but I found the acting kinda fake. It just wasnt a very convincing acting on the part of the director. So yeah. Just my personal opinion.

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This is gonna be long so excuse me :)

I've seen most of the movies on Holahaveamuffin18's list! I love my movies too XD

First of all let me say this : But I'm A Cheerleader is AWESOME!!!!

At least to me. Seriously, it's my favourite gay movie because it's hillarious AND the two girls have great chemistry. There a little boy romance in their too :)

Show Me Love is another good teen love story. It's Swedish, though, so you'll have to read subtitles but I wouldn't let that put you off of it cause I'd never watched a movie with subtitles before and I still really enjoyed it. I've still got the link where I watched it for free online if you want it, cause I still haven't been able to find it in a store to buy it.

D.E.B.S is alright, it's a spy spoof with a lesbian romance. It got a few chuckles out of me. And Jordana Brewster....omg, cute!!!

Lost and Delirious was the first gay movie I ever watched it gets kinda dark but I like it. Plus, hey, it's Canadian!

Imagine You And Me is pretty good. It's a love story of sorts but involving adults. Still pretty sweet and funny. Plus Lena Headey is awesome in it!

Loving Annabelle was okay for me but I didn't really like the romance all that much. But lots of other people do so it all depends, you might want to check it out. I'm actually suprised to find some one on here that actually doesn't like it. I thought I was the only one. I feel a little less alone now :)

And if you're afraid of the parents discerning looks when you ask for these movies you can always start with Fried Green Tomatoes it's a freaking great movie full of subtext between the two ladies that are "friends". haha. In the book, that the movie was based on, the two young women were a couple. But seriously it's a great movie queer or not, and a lot happens in it. It's a movie that I can actually watch with my mom and we both like it....but some of my reasons for liking it are slightly different from hers :D

On the boy side of things, I really liked the movie Making Love. It's not a teen movie but sort of in a way a coming of age movie because the guy is coming to terms with being gay. It's from the 80s but it really is pretty good especially since not many queer movie were being made at that time.

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heh :) i've been meaning to

heh :) i've been meaning to update what i wrote & add in a little description... but you did it better than i could have.

& bookworm:
i watched a lot of these online... a few on youtube (broken into bits, and i had to piece them together) and on Logo Online

oh, and even though it's not a movie... South of Nowhere's a pretty good coming of age/coming out thing. yesss it's a teen drama and can be kind of cliche or over the top sometimes... but it's something you should check out.

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Thanks :)

And I completely agree with you about South Of Nowhere. It is a good teen coming of age TV show particularly the first season and it has a nice love story between the two girls, very sweet. It's not perfect but I agree it really is worth checking out. I watched all of the episodes online because the show isn't aired here in Canada.

Also on the TV front the 3rd season of the British show Skins is definitely worth giving a chance. It's a teen show as well and for the 3rd season they pretty much created a new cast of characters and two of the main characters (both girls) fall in love and it's very sweet and pretty realistic I think. And most of the other characters are likable, unlike South Of Nowhere for me *cough* Aiden *cough* - had to do it :P. It's definitely a coming of age sort of story and definitely worth giving a chance. The only thing is that the show revolves around like 9 character and each episode focuses mainly on one particular character so you don't see a lot of the girls except for their episodes but you do see a little bit of them in each episode and there are some nice moments of them together in every one. I hope that makes sense :] And the show definitely gets better as the show goes on, the first 3 episodes aren't the best but don't give up on it because 4 and on are pretty great. And you can find them all on Youtube and if anyone needs any help finding them I'm happy to help :) You can private message me :]

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But I'm a Cheerleader. So

But I'm a Cheerleader. So epic! And amazing!

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Um... don't have much to add at the moment... but

when i get home from this vacation, I will go copy all of the movies off of the recommendation sheets I get at GSA Network Conferences.

As for TV shows(older ones)...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena Warrior Princess!!!! I love those shows.

Buffy is an awesome series, and one of the main characters (willow) is gay, and has two girlfriends during the course of the series. She doesn't come out until the 4th season, which is her first year of college, but all of the series is amazing. And Eliza Dushku as Faith is HOT, along with Emma Caulfield as Anya. And then Willow/Tara is the cutest couple ever to walk the earth. It also holds such noble accomplishments as being the first show on network(not cable) television to air a lesbian sex scene!

Xena is kind of dorkey, but fun... there is no stated LGBT content... BUT... is is chalk full of subtext between the two main characters, Xena and Gabrielle. Two girls who travel around ancient greece without the company of men... there is many a "naked hot tub scene" too. It is considered by many to be the gateway show to the acceptance of lesbian relationships on public television. I don't think it is for everyone, because is is very campy, and overly cheesy... not to mention the special effects are a joke, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. And for those who ask, it had a greater following of adult lesbian women than it did little kids, so don't pull the "isn't that a kids show" on me. There is a large internet femslash fanfiction following out there too. It is like the lesbian star trek(which started the male slash fan community) There is also a lot of Buffy stuff out there too.

I am not sure I would call the L Word a good TV series about lesbians, as a lot of the marketing is to men who "just think that is hot" and therefore is not an accurate, or reasonable picture of any form of coming of age thing. If you look at the characters, there is not a Butch to be seen(and don't go telling me that Shane is butch, because she is not, she is happily in the Androgynous category). It also does not even come close to giving an accurate picture of Bisexuality. You can look at it as a sort of "Sex in the City" with lesbians(it was even marketed as "Same Sex, Different City") so if you would use Sex in the City as an example of how to have a straight relationship, then be my guest and base your being a lesbian on the L-word. That said, it is perfectly fine for the type of viewing that you would grant a show like "Sex in the city", and as far as I am concerned, that kind of show would be more pleasureable with the orientation of the people in it being similar to my own. I just wouldn't call it a coming of age story.


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k thanks guys. once i get

k thanks guys. once i get around to some of those i'll tell ya how i liked them.
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okay, most of these movies

okay, most of these movies are rated R (why are lesbian sex scenes R and hetero ones only PG-13? grr...) so i can't get them from netflix without notifying my mom (which is *not* gonna happen), so any suggestions for sites i can find them? the two that oldfoxbob mentioned were kind of...really difficult to actually get to the movies.
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You can watch Show Me Love here : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5599594765620844277

I watched D.E.B.S and Imagine You & Me on Youtube, if you can wait I'll get the links tomorrow (assuming they haven't been taken down). But neither were the greatest picture quality.

You should be able to order D.E.B.S on Netflix since it's a PG-13 movie, it was actually the first lesbian movie to get that low of a rating. That was my *queer* fact of the day :D

Show Me Love is Not Rated so...I'm not sure if you'll have notify your parents or not for that one. But I think if you are allowed to take it out that it's a good first choice.

And yes the rating system totally blows. I was shocked when I looked up Imagine You & Me and saw it was rated R because that doesn't even make any sense. They only kiss!! -and only like twice! Wtf?

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Netflix has a feature that allows you to see the last movies you watched. And a suggestion thing showing movies based on the ones you watched.


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just saw one...

its a brit coming of age/ comng out movie called get real...it was ok, i guess...

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Trans film, anybody?

Ma Vie En Rose.

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I watched Kissing Jessica Stein last year and I thought it was pretty great. Okay, well the very first time I watched it I was thoroughly dissapointed, but then I watched it again and I saw how truly funny and awesome it is. You might also not like it the first time, but if you give it a second watch after knowing what's going to happen, you might like it.

I think the mom and daughter scene outside the house was one of the most heartfelt and sweet scenes I've ever seen in a LGBT movie.

**EDIT: This isn't really a coming of age movie, but the women do question and explore their sexuality. Plus, it was really funny =D **

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Tipping the velvet

I remember watching Tipping the velvet years ago when i was about 16 (ten years ago) and loved it!

It is about a girl from a fishing village in the UK going to a theatrical show and falling in love with the woman in the show.
Now Iv'e remembered it exists I really want to see it again. It was a mini series - from the BBC :D

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This is really stupid and lazy, but...

..Ive never seen any LGBT movies. I have however seen "Hanna," which is a great movie and involves lesbians. I won't give any spoilers because it's supposed to be a secret until about two thirds into the movie. Anyway, it shouldn't be difficult to watch it without your parents getting suspicious because it's actually a high-budget thriller. You can even watch it with them.


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I saw "Hanna" shortly after I realized that I'm gay.