The Diamond in my heart

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I watched D.E.B.S last night for the 2nd time it was good. I actually think I liked it better than the first time I watched it...probably because the first time I had higher expectations. But anyways, it's not my favourite lesbian movie but it definitely has it's moments....Plus, I mean, Lucy Diamonds!!! hello! Jordana Brewster!!! hello! XD XD XD

And you know, I liked Janet a lot this time around...not 100% sure why...I just did. She had good lines, I guess. Plus she reminded of Spencer(from South Of Nowhere) for some reason. Weird....

"They're calling you a hero, when really you're a slut.....A gay slut." - Janet

Haha, I love that line. And...

Lucy: [feigning pain] I just... I'm feeling really ill. It's my stomach. I, um, I think I have food poisoning.
Ninotchka: Are you blowing me?
Lucy: What?
Ninotchka: Off. Are you blowing me off?


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I love D.E.B.S! I haven't

I love D.E.B.S! I haven't seen it in a while, though. I wish I could buy the movie somewhere.

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Glad I'm not alone :)

I had to watch it online both times cause I haven't been able to find it in stores. Even though it's not very good quality. Eh...I get to watch the movie so it's all good =)

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I'm just waiting for Lucy Diamond to kidnap me.

And yes, Janet is amusing.

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OooooOooooo...If only there was a Lucy Diamond...she could kidnap you and me both :)

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