The New Twenty: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"The New Twenty" is a movie about a group of college friends who live in New York City. When the movie starts, we see them posing for a picture on their graduation day from college. After that we jump ahead a few years and see how they are growing up and apart.

There are two gay guys in the group of friends. One is an overweight guy who continually gets rejected on Internet sex sites. And the other is an Asian guy who starts falling in love with someone HIV positive. Most of the story revolves around the one friend who is starting a business and how that affects things.

For me, the movie just never grabbed me and made me interested in any of the characters, plots, or subplots. So, it wasn't that the movie was bad, inasmuch as it was just… there.

I think the actors were all fine, so it was probably too ambitious to tell a multi-character story with all of the subplots and interweaving characters, when there isn't much investment in why a lot of it is happening. The gay friends were given equal footing with the others, and not relegated to some flamboyant comic relief, which was nice. Of course, it also meant they were just more characters plodding forward without much to bring to the party. To be clear, though, I'd say this is an ensemble movie with gay characters, and not a gay movie.

Based on the review excerpts on the film's website, many people felt differently about this movie. Just didn't do much for me.


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Nice Film.

it seems to be a nice one to see as well, they are many difficulties in gay life. I think I will start to find it online somewhere, thanks for the review.

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"I liked you yesterday, but fell in love with you today"- Were the World Mine

" One is an overweight guy who continually gets rejected on Internet sex sites." o such an accurate thing to say, so very accurate.