There is Nothing Worse than Being Ordinary

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I did my last word in assembly today. Every prefect take turns doing a speech in front of the entire school.

It was amazing. Everyone laughed (in fact some were reeling with pain). Got a standing ovation with hoots and shouts. Also "subtly" came out. People from school are even starting a facebook appreciation club.

But obviously my speech was not politically correct enough like all the other last words.
The headmaster took my prefect badge off me.
Even when she had approved the speech before hand.

There's a massive uproar in our school, people are shouting "we love Max!" and starting petitions and talking about rioting and boycotting school. EVERY student including some teachers, are sympathetic, empathetic, angry, sad, and most of all disillusioned. Even the other prefects are 'threatening' to resign. The likelihood of the latter is a bit more unlikely, but it's good to know people feel the injustice.

It's good to know I've got a lot of respect.

Most teachers loved it, but a significant portion of the conservative senior management hated it.

So ironic, because my speech was about individuality. And here they are, taking my prefect badge off me suppressing individuality.

I hate injustice.


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i would say something....

about ferret vicoulsey assulting your school, but that would be unkind, no? so instead you just need to give the headmaster a big hug and tellher shes the biggets damned bitch fucker in the entire world :)

ps, dont accaulley do that!it would result in her causing u bodily harm

if you riase the banner of scotland, you raise the banner of freedom!
~willam wallace

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This was awesome I agree with you and truly admire... That was what a hero would do, so you may consider yourself as one.

I wouldn't have the guts to do what you did... I don't know why. I wish there were more people like you... But there aren't . You have my support even if you think that I'm too young to understand things :).

All my respect,

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Definitely...You Should Have No Doubt!

Reference, of course, is to your chosen subject title. I agree without reservation! It is the perfect title for the indignity inflicted upon you for letting the world know that you are an individual who in addition to excelling in the academic and social objectives of your school, just incidentally might be gay through no personal fault!

I hope that the headmistress demonstrated sufficiently good manners to not carry out this act of homophobia before the student body. But, on the other hand, if she had, the backlash from the student body would likely be even more supportive of you (if possible) after witnessing such a distasteful display.

Please let us know if there is any support that we could provide to hasten the restitution of your role of prefect.

Incidentally... Do you know if the quote (journal subject) existed before becoming well known from the movie American Beauty?

Warm regards,

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Thanks guys for the support.

Thanks guys for the support. Everyone else at school has been very supportive too. Just reading all their facebook statuses gives me warm fuzzies. Even jocks who I don't usually talk to are in on the cause (although my friends say they've always respected me anyway), but mind you their comments are less sophisticated - along the lines of "fuck the school", "fuck this", "fuck the system, you're a champion". Either way, my point is every student can sense the frustration.

Even though they approved the last word beforehand, the nature of it and the circumstances were not in favour of the conservative heads anyway. I wouldn't say the sole reason my badge got taken off is because I came out, it was just a very controversial last word in terms of politically correctness. I parodied the ten commandments for teenagers, and that would've fucked some conservatives off. I also implied but parodied an obscene word for effect to target the jocks, because they are usually the biggest the bullies. Now look, my message actually went through and they're all in the cause for individuality now. The heads seem to be very myopic in terms of not seeing the message and the impact of my last word, but instead draws attention on these petty things that devalues it. Nonetheless, the entire student body supporting me shows what I have done is not in vain, and is testament to my strong message of individuality I got across to 1600 students. The heads might say it's a terrible last word, but students, my target audience, say it's the 'best last word in last word history'.

Referring to the support for me, my message, and for individuality, my friend said he's never seen our school [the students] come together and be so united. It's the ultimate macrocosm of my last word.

I can't say how grateful I am for the support I'm getting.