uh oh....

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my last journally hting, not mine. one of my friends from where i used to live, on the other side of washington was in the area with his parents, so i invited him to spend the nigth, and i told him i was gay, and then he did that ickyness while i was sleeping. sorry guys. he just didnt take it well i guess :(


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*Hugs.* I'm sorry, ferrets.

*Hugs.* I'm sorry, ferrets. Well, either he'll come around and realize that you are still the same person he was friends with before you told him, or you're better off without him. Of course, I know, that even with my saying that it's still incredibly hard...

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There's A Lesson Here

Great! Matthew is back...

But, I hope you now realize that you should log out whenever you're not in direct control of your computer. I hope for your sake that your friend didn't make his homophobic response common knowledge in your home.

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hes gone.....

his parentis picked him up at 10:00

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that sucks ferrets, i didnt read the entry...i was a bit busy at the time. but it sounds like it was really homophobic. and i agree with elph, log out when your done here.

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yeah, um what did it say

yeah, um what did it say anyway, besides total BS? Hope you feel better.
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