Water Lillies

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I really want to watch this movie :

It's called Water Lillies, has anyone watched this movie? Is it any good? I've heard that it's a pretty good teen lesbian "coming of age" movie so to speak....but, of course I can't find it anywhere! It's a foreign movie but still I should be able to find it somewhere. Even the internet (Youtube!) is failing me...oh, well. It looks pretty good but I guess I'm gonna have to wait until I've got a credit card or something and can buy it online. Tis' sad....


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Don't watch that movie, it is really bad. I was at a friend's house, watching that, and it was essentially just a giant awkward moment, and my, at that point, make out buddy, now girlfriend, had to leave by then too, so I didn't even have anything else to do. Yeah, well the point is, it really isn't all that interesting. It is about these 3 girls, that just kind of wander around and do awkward things. One of them is mainly straight, and the other one looks like she is twelve. It is very confusing... not worth it.


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Second to terrabean!

Second to terrabean! It's a huge disappointment after I watched it. The movie itself is very slow in terms of the plot development. And the ending is just weird. You can't really get anything out of that movie. Highly recommend you not to waste your time.

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Is it really that

Is it really that bad???

That's weird cause I've heard good things about it. That's kind of disappointing.

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My friend who picked it out heard good things about it too...

I don't think it is worth it, but you never know....