what are your thoughts feelings regarding age differences

it should be up to the individuals to decide
60% (6 votes)
it is wrong
0% (0 votes)
i wolud be interested in having that kind of relationship
0% (0 votes)
not something i would want
10% (1 vote)
im currently in such a relationship
30% (3 votes)
Total votes: 10


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I have the personal

I have the personal philosophy that if it effect me, then why my opinion matter? And who am I to decide who can love who? I'm not Venus.

And he if you're happy and in love, then why should anybody's opinion matter!?

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age differances

i agree with you! i am currious to find out how many others feel this way too.

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by how much is the age difference? by like alot (around 5 yrs) ?

"in true love the smallest distance is too great, yet the greatest distance can be broken."

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Just my opinion on the subject.

I am of the opinion that the people have to be relatively in the same place in their life for it to work, and that the age difference doesn't matter much, but that as long as there is some sort of understanding that they are in a relatively same place and they want the same things from the relationship then it can work. There's a seven year age difference between my parents and an eleven year age difference between my grandparents. And both of their relationships are great.
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