What race would you prefer to date? Didnt mean to be racist or anything, just wondering. Hope this doesn't offend anyone!

11% (2 votes)
17% (3 votes)
Black/African American
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Native American/Pacific Islander
6% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
How should I know?
33% (6 votes)
I love all equally =)
33% (6 votes)
Total votes: 18


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I'm not sure I can pick.. I

I'm not sure I can pick.. I think I basically go by the person. Although I think middle eastern women are soooo incredibly beautiful.

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latino hispanic..because I'm

latino hispanic..because I'm in love with Spanish latin hispanic etc. everything.
maybe it's just a phase though.
overall I go by the person ..you know...who I fall for :P

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i want someone honest

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I think Asian women can be really beautiful... but then, I think women in general can be really beautiful.

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I guess there's the stereotype that people tends to go for people their own race. Maybe that ain't true afterall =)

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I think this is a bit racist. Doesn't the person matter much more than their skin color?

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Ultimately It Don't Matter

When I dated, I went for personality. I have dated outside of my race. A Dineh dude. (Navajo) I've got cultural fascinations with the First Nation's Folk, so I'd be drawn to that, but not for looks. Anything from Barrow, AK to Tierra del Fuego. (Hey! I just finished reading 1491 by Charles Mann, OK? This side of the world had wayyyyyyy better cultures than Europe ever had. Too bad they were wiped out.)

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i picked latino/hispanic because thats usually what my gf's tend to be.
but im open to any race, as long as everything is all good ;D

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