4th of July :D

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I'm having fun at my cousin's house! We went to downtown New Orleans. It is LOVE there. I need to come back when I'm a little older, so I can fully enjoy all it has to offer, if you catch my drift. x3 Hehe. The only bad part is how hot it is here. I really, really don't like Southern weather. Never have. It's even hotter here than it is at my home. So sweaty... Oh, and I am a little hurt how my uncle and cousin made a HUGE point of "not wanting to go to the GAY side of town," (because they're maaanly, heterosexual, Catholic men, you know! And OBVIOUSLY they would get raep'd by teh gay mens! /rolls eyes) but went absolutely everywhere else. (Well, except the street with all the art galleries and stuff on it. They apparently don't like that either, which sucks pretty bad 'cause I really like art. But of course, they get to drag the atheist into the Cathedral!) Even Bourbon Street with its strip clubs, although I'm not really complaining about THAT. XDDD

My cousin has so many hot female friends. x3 One went with us to New Orleans. And she hugged me goodbye. 8D I wasn't expecting that, since I haven't even known her for 24 hours haha. Another one came over last night, and we watched some violent action movie I didn't really pay attention to. My cousin and I were gonna go to her house today, but I just let him go by himself since I'm tired, and they were going swimming. I have major body image issues, so I stay well away from things like water parks, beaches, and swimming pools. It's kind of sad because I used to really like those. But now I just... can't... because I look in the mirror and see someone triple my weight, and I just can't imagine putting all THAT in a swimming suit, even though most of "that" isn't even really there. Hell, I just about had a freaking panic attack when I visited last year and was forced to go swimming with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin. I told my mom not to even pack the freaking swimming suit, but she disobeyed and was going to make me take it along if I went with my cousin. I can't even fathom adding a hot girl into the equation. (It's pretty bad when I pass up the chance to see the aforementioned hot girl in a swimming suit in favor of staying in and blogging on the internet...)

But this girl I really, REALLY don't like won't stop texting me. ._. She's texted twice today and once really late last night while I was trying to sleep. She's a deceptive, lying bitch, who thinks it's ok to talk about her friends behind their backs. I was her friend, and I paid for it very heavily. Nearly two years later, she still lies about it and says she didn't do a thing. She refuses to just leave me the hell alone! And she's so STUPID! Ughhhh. I really don't want to deal with her.

Anyway, I am actually having fun, despite a few events of today. I think I'd feel better if I wasn't taking so much icky medicine. Oh, and I'm starving. I hope food is ready soon. :(

Happy Independence Day to any Americans out there, and everyone else just have a good July 4th, ok? :3