A lot of time left, just not enough hope.

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Today has been so rough. Rough isn't even the right word, today has been hell. At least after 12:30.... damn Maryland.

Right when I walk through those damned doors I walk straight into drama. My mom is mad at me because I dislike her boyfriend, he is mad because he found out, and now my mom wants me to go live with my dad.

I'm tempted to give it a shot. Honestly, the island is a horrid place, especially after seven years stuck here. Ever since we moved here it's been rough, my dad got sick, my parents got a divorce, I fell in love; lost at love. I've been hurt many times here and I think it might be the new beginning I need.

My mom doesn't understand me, she likes to believe that she knows everything about me and that she gets me completely, but she's so blind to the fact that we don't communicate anymore. It's pretty bad now too. I think she's pretty jealous that I can talk to my Aunt about everything and anything to be honest. She wishes that I could do that with her, but I always feel as if she's judging me or ignoring everything I say. We've never been "best friends" exactly, but we've also never been this distant. I wish I could change things but I'm pretty sure every adult in this house, minus my brothers boyfriend, hates me. I say I don't care, I say "fuck it", but in reality I'd like them to like me, and I care.... a lot.

I guess I'll talk to my dad tomorrow after work and look into moving in with him, starting off new I guess....


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awwww *hug* I hope that

awwww *hug* I hope that works out for you :(