A place that doesn't know my pain.

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Today has been....different. I woke up with the most amazing girl in my arms, it's weird because I had been dreaming that this was going to happen. I'm not complaining though, I wish I could put last night/ this morning on repeat and live it forever. She woke up in my arms and once we both were up I just gave her this big hug while she hugged back and kissed my shoulder. I love when she kisses my neck, it's the one thing that just makes me melt.

After being dropped off at work at 7, I went to sleep at 5:50 am to wake up at 6:30, I came home and just relaxed. Something that I haven't exactly done in a while. I lied down in my bed and just fell asleep to the soothing Indie CD my best boy John made me. Even better, when I woke up I had a envelope with 12 dollars lying next to me. I loved it!

After my "relaxation time", I worked on M's CD that I was making her. I finally finished it around 5 and biked off to Dunkin' to drop it off. I think she's going to like it a lot, I hope she does. We talked for a long time, I showed her my neck and she started laughing. She ALWAYS gives me hickeys! After an hour or so, I pulled her to the side and I gave her a big hug. I said my final goodbye, then and there. I told her to be safe in California, not to join the MS-13 and if she's going to be a stripper to at least be classy =] She laughed and I walked out.... this is how it ends. I'm beginning to feel those oh so upsetting emotions now. The sound of missing you? Naw son, the feeling of missing you. It's way worse. All I can say is that I hope I affected your life in some positive way. Call me sometimes?