a song for whomever has felt used and misunderstood please listen

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You ever listen to music and just feel so utterly moved by it that you want to cry, no matter what the kind of music is? Right now I'm listening to the Tarzan soundtrack and the song Strangers Like Me just....it's like....part of me almost. The sound of the drums and the way his voice brings this emotion to it...a sort of desperation and determination and a sense of childlike naiviete. Don't we all feel that at some point? This need to be better and to understand something that seems so much bigger than ourselves?
I was at a folk festival yesterday, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York state...there was this band called Girlyman, and honestly, they may be quickly becoming one of my go-to bands. The band is made up of this cute little Japanese woman named Doris (I know right?) and then a (possibly?) gay guy named Nate and finally...the girlyman XD His/Her name is Ty and I'm not sure if she had a full change or what but she has changed into a more manish person. Her voice is the same tho...so I dunno.
Anyway, Ty comes up to the mike and says how she wrote this song called Young James Dean about feeling...used and abused and misunderstood by society just because of who you are. It literally brought me to tears because there are lines such as "The 'real' girls who turned their backs, they called me crazy...the 'real' boys...they called me crazy" Talking about being toyed with and hurt and basically everything that anyone in that situation has gone through at some point in some form. I was sitting between my mother and my best friend, Sage. It was dark so neither of them noticed but it just...I was tearing and becoming totally pulled into the song as if I WAS the song. I looked down at Ty and his words just felt like these comforting daggers....I was watching his mouth move and I was thinking "This is it. That's what I feel. That's what I fear. That's what I love and hate."
This is the link to the official site for Girlyman...I'm gonna try and find a good audio representation of the song and find the lyrics and stuff....
Anyway...that's my rant......lol




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Elephant Gun by Beirut.

Elephant Gun by Beirut. Makes me wistful and reminiscent.

A gay guy named Nate in a band? That sounds really hot.

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