A summary of the past nine years.

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When I was thirteen
I knew myself to be a fag.
But I wasn’t a fag.
I wasn’t fruity.
I just happened to like men.
It was just a phase.

When I was fourteen
I had a crush on my friend
But I wasn’t a fag.
It was just a phase.

When I was fifteen
I knew that everybody else
Was wrong
And I was right.
In fact,
I was the only one with any proof.

When I was sixteen
I feared that somebody would
See through my disguise
And tell my secret.
One person knew.
She kept my secret.

When I was seventeen
I stopped believing in God
And began believing in myself.
It was then that I accepted
the possibility of hell
and the probability of

When I was eighteen
I was self-righteous
And deservedly so.
My brilliance
And grasp of language
Held me above those who
Damned me.

When I was nineteen
I found love in a dirty dorm room.
Unfortunately, he didn’t agree.
But, on the bright side,
He thinks I was hot.

When I was twenty
I found real love
In a clean dorm room.
Then I lost love.
… shit.

When I was twenty-one
I found love
In a bottle of Jack…
And things have been pretty much
Ever since.