advice please!!!

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So i have a family reunion coming up in like exactly a week and two days... and it's my dad's side of the family, who is Mormon and homophobic and etc. i love my family so much still though. so anyway, i told my favorite aunt about me through email last week and i tried to explain everything to her. i told her that the only response i really wanted was to know if she still loves me. and she still hasn't responded. i'm going to see her in like a week and i still don't know what her response is. i love her so much and don't want things to be awkward between us. she's one of my heroes. so i'm wondering if i should email her again or call her and ask her if she at least would acknowledge that she got my email, and if she needs time, that's fine or what... but i don't want to push it or anything...

what do i do? any advice... please...


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thats hard but i'd say it will play on your mind until you find out her feelings on it so you need to call her. That way she cant avoid you by not replying to an email and at least you can sort out what to do at the reunion cos if she is being weird you maybe want to aviod her when you are there.

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