All I ever wanted was to see you smiling.

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Good good good lifee. Last night was awesome. John, Amber and I rode around KI having a photo shoot, played the guitar on some rocks, sang the "smelly cat" song from Friends, and found a smelly cat. Then we went back to Amber's house and Austin, Christie, Nick, and Nate came over and we all watched a shit load of movies, got free donuts, and played Guitar Hero.

I love just chilling out with my closest group of friends. Around 11 'clock last night Amber's older brother asked me to go get him some weed, so I made a weed run. My friend who deals gave me some Jamacian weed, it smelled like pine trees, not like usual weed. I smoked some of it with her brother and I got sooooo high. I played Guitar Hero completely stoned and I played on hard.... talent? I think so. Once I got home I went straight to bed and I had a five minute conversation with a shadow man in my room about how creepy this guy Matt is, we both agreed that he is one creepy motherfucker. Last night was so nice.

Today, I'm planning on actually reading. I don't know if I'm covering for Anna at work today because she never let me know.... so that's up in the air. After I'm done rambling on this site I'm going to watch the Real World, then do productive things! This site is way better than actually keeping a journal, I get bored with physically writing, but this doesn't bore me, at all.
Missy Elliot is my main woman, she's insane yo. I love her music with a passion, a strong passion at that. I'm thinking about changing my picture to one from last night. Those were some great photos. Hmmmm the options! Oh! Nick, Amber's boyfriend, might be moving into my house. He was kicked out of his last place so my mom's thinking about taking him in. It'll be sweet if he actually moves in, he's a chill dude. Plus, he's AMAZING at guitars.

I'm going to go get on with my life, lates.


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the reference made my day.


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I love love love Basshunter!

I love love love Basshunter! =]