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i believe that vigilantism is the highest form of realism.

fuck the government.

fuck the state.

fuck the law.

fuck destiny, fate, or whatever the hell you want to call it.

whoever heard of bad things happening to bad people?


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I've already fucked destiny. And fate.

(Not literally.)

But I've half destroyed whatever fate was laid out for me.

It feels good.

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only half? so for those of

only half?

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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I'm still working on it.

I'm still working on it.

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I said the same thing too...

And then was depressed for a year straight.

Haha, straight.

I've decided to just sorta go-with-the-flow now.

I'm much happier. <3 The decisions are all still mine, but I don't try and fight it all every step of the way.

But to each their own; maybe you'll be happier blowing destiny off. <3

Just remember, I loooooooove yoouuuuuu~.




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as soon as i saw the journal was titled 'anarchy' i just HAD to click on it lol

And that's another reason why I'm a pyro who knows how to pick locks, sneak around very stealthily, go into 'surveillance mode', make explosives, and how to incapacitate someone without killing them ;D

Living in a sculpted society has led me to become the unstable psychopath that I am today... (umm...) JOY!!!
♪Blood blood everywhere, and every drop is there to spare♪

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i'm not sure wether to be afraid or happy that some one here knows how to do all of that... since it's all one person i'm leaning toword the first choice....

"may we meet always in happy circumstances, may the saddest day of your future be better than the happiest day of your past,& may you get all of your wishes but one,so you still have something to work for!"~ irish blessing