And I'll look at you and say this is the happiest I've ever been.

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Two days well spent with my family. I'm finally beginning to bond with my younger brother, the dude is hilarious. I went to basketball for the first time this week. I think coach was happy to see me, she was surprised actually.

I went driving today haha. Holly took a shit load of time saying "hey" to Sally's sister, so I got in the drivers seat and texted her, "I'm in the drivers seat." She SPRINTED outside but she let me drive a little.

Coach said that if I don't get in any trouble with the law or my parents I can play next season! I'm pumped. Staying out of trouble is harder than I thought. I went all these months thinking I don't have an addictive personality but as the days go by I'm thinking that maybe I was wrong... today has been rough on wanting "applesauce". I'm not going to give in though. I have a gram in my room but I don't plan on smoking it or anything, I'm going to give it away on Saturday or Sunday. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? There's mine.


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Dude. I'm very Proud!! and i

Dude. I'm very Proud!! and i dont even know you.
*~*Love Hard, Then Let Go. *~*

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Ha thank you! :)