Are they gay?

undrcovr's picture new on this site so idk how many forums are lik mine. but im a sr in high school secretly gay and im a wrestler...yea i no a gay wrestler bt im really competitive and im actually really good. just recently i went to wrestling roomate was one of my really good friends who was a state champ hes drop dead sexy and has a girlfriend...i no they have sex for a he plays really gay. he and his girlfriend come to my job and he grabs my package and tries to stick his finger in my asshole...w/ his gf sittig rite there! wen he leaves me he tries to kiss me...sumtimes he sneaks em like on my neck and cheek by surprise...but on the last day of camp we wer layn in our beds...he gets in my bed n faces the opposite way (back 2 back)i jus kinda ignored him...he reached over and grabbed my package...i pushed against the wall to push him outa bed...he gets up and says what is wrong w/u i say whats wrong w/u...he says i jus wanna lay w/u...i say go lay in ur bed (playing like i dont want to fuck him insanly) he goes and uses the restroom...he comes out and says ive been waiting for this day my whole stil facing the wall so i look up to see what hes tlkn about and he is but naked...i say get the hell away from me and he justgrabs @ me...i push him away and he says c'mon i jus want u 2 b my baby daddy and he bites me (sumthn him and his gf do?) i no the answer sounds obvious bt i no him well and he plays ALOT!! and he even plays in front of the whole schoo nevr like that but like grabn my dick and what should i do? btw sorry bout the long post ; )

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he may be bi-curious...

or w/e pplk are calling that now, but i doiubt hes gay...i am in the same, atheletic guy who wrestled and ran track in high school, and i have friends who 'play' gay all the time. ever see that flight of the conchords video? why cant one heterosexual guy tell another hetero guy that his booty is fly?

i think thjat a lot of guys do play like that a ton,...but you'd also be surprised. i knew anpother jock in high school, and i was certain he and his girl were fucking, and after grad he confided he was a virgin, so ya never know


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You said it

He is drop dead why are you refusing him???? He seems to want to do it with you and you say you want him yet you push him away...WHY??? go for it man...just do it safely remember the condoms. Enjoy life here is an opportunity for you to have fun..and his gf may just be a cover after all. Enjoy life and the knocking at the door.

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mayb ur right...its just the last thing i want to happen is get outed...but ive caught him and his gf having sex...bbut that doesent really mean amything cuz me n my gf have sex...and he knows why would he be trying me if he knows (or thinks he knows) im straight...btw im om vacation and hes about to drive 4 hours to be here 4 my bday...he just confuses me

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He can't out you. You can

He can't out you. You can just say that he started it and you were just presumably playing along. DO IT!

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Well you could always just

Well you could always just kiss him and if he doesn't like it say that you were just playing.

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i agree...

with all the 'playing' he's done i think that that excuse would work!
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why didnt i think of that...ill c him next doubt thatl work...

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good luck and *hugs*!

good luck and *hugs*!

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Good luck and happy

Good luck and happy birthday!
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you have a gf to keep from getting outed?

two guys are talking. one is straight, one is gay. the straight one says" is there anyway i can turn you straight?" the gay one reseponds" of course, ill go straight as long as you turn gay!"

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I don't know if this guy's gay — it's possible, though. I can't see a totally straight guy acting like that.

For some reason, though, the way you say he's acting strikes me as a little creepy. Like your experience at camp — he did something obviously sexual and then wouldn't back down when you asked him to? Even if you were just saying no as a cover, I'm seeing red flags.

It's hard to assess things over the internet, and I don't want to be too blunt and scare you away if this turns out to be leading to something good… just thought it might be prudent to mention.

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i dont understand

u mean it sounded like he was tryna rape me?????

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not necessarily.

I'm on the other end of an internet connection, so what do I know? That just happened to be the part of your post that caught my attention because to me it seemed weird. If I'm wrong, just forget I said anything and trust your gut, OK?

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Hell man, go for it. I agree

Hell man, go for it. I agree with what everyone else has said. If he start to back off, you can just say you were playing along, and honestly, I don't think there's any way he's straight. I know a lot of straight guys play around, but there's a BIG difference between talking and trying to finger another dude.

*another option is to come out to him, and if your not ready to tell anyone else, just ask him not to. If he is straight, it sounds like he's pretty open-minded about these kinds of things...*

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I agree with the "test the

I agree with the "test the waters" theory. take it slow. If you want mor advice pm/ms message me.

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To inject some mad obviousness into this convo...

...really, it's not anyone's business what somebody else's sexual orientation is, unless the questioned says so.