Can I borrow $500???

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Oh, boy. My good computer died on me yet again. Not sure if it's ever going to come back this time. I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm back to using my sister's old decrepit computer with a tiny screen to boot. lol. I just wish I had the money to buy a new computer. I wish I had found a job this summer. Most of all I kinda wish that my parents had got a van so that we could go work at the flea markets again this summer. Last summer I made a good amount of money selling used video games and old consoles, as well as Pokemon cards. I made enough to buy myself an Xbox 360, an extra controller, some games, a cellphone, and some other things. Then with the games and consoles I didn't sell I sold them through classified ads when it got too cold to go to the flea markets. And in the process made quite a bit.

But now I don't really have anything left to, I've got to find some other way to make some money. Or maybe, just maybe, make a rich friend to buy OR give me a new computer! Yeah....that sounds like a great idea! Now where can I find a rich person??? Haha.


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Don't look at me. ._.; My

Don't look at me. ._.; My family is living in my Uncle's basement right now. ._.;