Caring is creepy.

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These last two days have been awesome, I love my extended family. There is no such thing as a dull day in this house and I love being busy! Plus, the twin boys are the cutest. I watched them at the park today and listened to their pretend games, they were rescuing each other from "fire". It was cute until one of them started kicking the other in the head.... but that's irrelevant.

When I'm older I so want a little boy, maybe a girl, but I think girls might be a little to emotional as they age. Maybe I'll change my mind when I'm older, I have plenty of time to choose.

One more day, then your gone. I'm actually excited. Weird right? Once your gone, I think all my feelings towards you will leave as well. I don't want to hate you, I don't think I could, but as it seems negative emotions help the healing process. You don't want to love someone you hate do you? That's why I think most people begin to hate their past loves, to try to smother out any remaining feelings towards them. So we can run into them ten years down the line and look them in the eyes and say, "Hey! How are you?", without thinking..."I miss you and I wish things ended differently."

Hate might just be the "new" love.