des sauvages

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i've been watching youtube videos of various disney songs in different languages.

so far my favorites have to be:

"I Won't Say I'm in Love" (French) Hercules

"I Won't Say I'm in Love" (Hebrew) Hercules

"Hellfire" (German) Hunchback of Notre Dame

"Part of Your World" (French) Little Mermaid

"Savages" (French) Pocahontas

am i the only one sensing a pattern?

yes, i am a strange human being, thank you for asking.

in other news,

i'm so scared of fucking up somehow. i don't where to begin or where to end. i don't want to mess up what hasn't even started. too scared to move. too scared to breathe.




just give me some insight.


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We're all afraid of fucking

We're all afraid of fucking up. And thankfully for the rest of us, we all do it. No one is perfect. You'll be fine. Just need to clear your head, take a deep breath, take a drink of cold water and try to clear your head. Maybe take a long walk, or talk to a good friend. Listen to music, take bath/shower. Sleep. *Hugs* Love the icon by the way.
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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You've inspired me to watch

You've inspired me to watch A Whole New World in Spanish.

Calmly contemplate how Jasmine can have that singing voice when her waist is no larger than her neck. It might not help, but it's interesting.

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her poor diaphragm. i'm

her poor diaphragm. i'm having trouble breathing just listening to it....

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata