Don't let it bite you in the ass....

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Yesterday might have been one of those days you'll never forget, or at least it'll take a while for me to forget. Spend the day just hanging around playing the guitar with my kid brother. We wrote incorrect songs and sang them as loud as we could. My fingers are like blistered and stinging from yesterday, it was so worth it though. I feel like everyday I'm improving on my guitar skills.

Last night I recieved a text from M. I tried to play it all cool, which usually includes me just taking forever to reply and when I do reply, I don't say much. Keep them wanting more ya know? She texted me saying this was her new number, I looked at it, put my phone down, and waited about 8 minutes(random number, I know). After that though we just texted about our plans to hangout before she leaves. TONIGHT. Midnight bowling! It was hard to come up with a plan because we both have work this weekend, me tonight, her on Sunday. So we decided to hang after I got off. She is saving her money for her move so she wasn't too sure if she would want to go to bowling, I told her I'd pay and it could be like her "going away gift". I was going to pay for whatever we ended up doing anyway, I wanted too. She even said it was a date, in her exact words: "Okay. It's a date..." =] We both agreed that we're extremely excited. Lol this good feeling is probably going to be gone soon enough but I'm living off this feeling for the moment.

I like this site. I never realized how good it feels to say what you need to say. Emotions aren't my enemy anymore, we seem to be bonding. I'm beginning to love the feeling of being alive, breathing, loving, hurting. I guess this is what makes life interesting.


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Have fun bowling! And it

Have fun bowling!
And it good that you and you're emotions are finally bonding. Lol. :)